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List generated from the API d04

Companies working in bank business

This version of the API allows the companies to have secondary businesses.
For instance, most insurance companies propose bank services to thir clients. In this case you will find companies in the both lists of insurances (code_metier = 2) and banks (code_metier = 1).

URL = https://www.unemployaid.com/api/my_nearby_ent/d04/?codeapiaccess=VCL33loL&lat=47.388301&lng=8.484013&code_metier=1&distance=30&limit=10
22110Alpine Select AG4327Bahnhofstrasse 23, 6300 Zug, Schweiz10
32110Amber Invest AG4340Heiniweidstrasse 33A, 8806 Bach SZ, Schweiz10
42110Castle Private Equity AG4701Schützenstrasse 6, 8808 Pfäffikon SZ, Schweiz10
52110Commerzbank Zürich178Commerzbank AG, Zweigniederlassung Utoquai 55 8008 Zürichdirk.seifert@commerzbank.lu12rh
62110Confinale372443<p>Limmatstrasse 107, 8005 Z&uuml;rich</p>11
72110Crédit Suisse52Paradeplatz 8 8070 Zurich Suisse thomas.riedel@credit-suisse.com12
82110Crédit Suisse52Paradeplatz 8 8070 Zurich Suisse thomas.riedel@credit-suisse.com12it
92110Diga Holding AG4907Kantonsstrasse 9, 8854 Galgenen, Schweiz10
102110Experis (ManpowerGroup)5Experis Schweiz Zürich T: +41 44 229 99 99 F: +41 44 229 99 22 E: zurich@experis.chamaury.mallez@experis.ch13Consultant

Companies working in insurance business

In this case we make the same call as the last one, but chose the insurance business (code_metier = 2).
We obtain a new list and you will see thet Axa Winterthur (id = 2) appears again (until our database will reach a too big amount of companies to keep her in the first 10).

URL = https://www.unemployaid.com/api/my_nearby_ent/d04/?codeapiaccess=VCL33loL&lat=47.388301&lng=8.484013&code_metier=2&distance=30&limit=10
12510Agrisano Krankenkasse AG233706Laurstrasse 10 5201 Brugg2
22510Agrisano Krankenkasse AG (UVG)233707Laurstrasse 10 5201 Brugg2
32510Agrisano Krankenkasse AG Datenannahmestelle (DRG)233702Laurstrasse 10 5201 Brugg2
42510Aquilana Versicherungen233710Bruggerstrasse 46 5401 Baden2
52510ATIS Finanzholding AG4424Altmanngisler Ag, 8808 Pfäffikon SZ, Schweiz20
62510Audatex (Schweiz) GmbH86Zollstrasse 62 CH-8021 Zürichbewerbungen@audatex.ch21
72510Audatex (Schweiz) GmbH86Zollstrasse 62 CH-8021 Zürichbewerbungen@audatex.ch21Human Resources
82510AXA Health (KVG / LAMal)233716General-Guisan- Starsse 40 8400 Winterthur2
92510AXA Versicherungen AG102AXA Versicherungen AG General-Guisan-Strasse 47 8400 Winterthur22
102510AXA Winterthur2General-Guisan-Strasse 40CH-8400 Winterthurangela.capaul@axa.ch22Senior Recruiting Partner

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